Mason Mount is an all-around midfielder who can help Erik ten Hag’s Manchester United squad with goals, assists, flexibility, and character.

The Debate panel, which this week included two former Reds in Wes Brown and David May, as well as journalists Carl Anka and Rob Dawson, held that opinion.

On Wednesday morning, Mount signed a contract that would keep him in Manchester until at least June 2028, finalizing his transfer from Chelsea to Old Trafford.

And according to Dawson, our money was well spent if Mount displays the same level of production as he did during his senior season at Stamford Bridge.

The ESPN writer said that “He’s probably been signed as much for his goals as for his work off the ball as well.”

“When he was trying to kind of figure out what you need to do for next season, he undoubtedly saw the way he pushes and the way he works in the Chelsea midfield.

He definitely didn’t perform at his greatest level last season in terms of offensive production. He has some form issues as well as injuries. The season before he scored, I believe there were 11 Premier League goals and 10 Premier League assists. I think every Chelsea player definitely suffered last season.

They’re huge figures for a central midfielder, and if he can maintain them over the life of a five-year contract, he’ll seem to have received an incredible deal.

According to Anka of The Athletic, Mount’s versatility in midfield and propensity for pushing are also noteworthy.

He said, “I believe his off-the-ball work is what Ten Hag is particularly thrilled by.

He works as a pest for a living. He excels at preventing the defensive midfielder of the other team from receiving the ball.

Gareth Southgate loved him because of this. Thomas Tuchel admired him much because of this. Mason Mount is the midfielder that jumps out to collect the ball and just keeps running and running and running and running if you’re trying to play really fantastic counter-attacking football and stop that team building up from the back.

So for United this season, they will be the very, really essential things.

With Mount’s arrival, the Reds’ transfer window is officially underway, and Ten Hag may already look back on the summer of 2022 as a productive one for acquisitions.

David May thinks that Mason, even if he is still young at 24 years old, is in the same mold as those who strengthened the team a year ago, such Casemiro, Christian Eriksen, and Lisandro Martinez.

He has clearly played with some English players as well, but I believe the players have mentioned it, according to May.

“The fact that he can join the squad right away, understanding the style of play that Erik ten Hag prefers, plus he has a fantastic engine.

“Despite his youth, he scores free kicks and easy goals, and he will bring a wealth of experience to the team.

He is, in fact, a very wise gamer. He is, in fact, in the last year of his contract. Is it a large sum of cash? Actually, it is unimportant.

You have a player for the next five years. He is a top-tier player who is still in his early stages.

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